A few thoughts to get the engine going

I’ve seen plenty of people with skills that far exceed the average. But what good is skill without action? Yes, it’s quite safe to say that skill will do you good in life. But without taking chances, spending time and energy and creating revenue, what good is it for? Sometimes you must sacrifice life (figuratively speaking), to reshape life for the better.

That’s what I wrote on my Facebook wall a few days back. While I am not in any way a philosopher, through time I’ve had quite a lot of thoughts regarding startups and entrepreneurs. What motivates people to create revenue for themselves and the world they live in? What makes them capable of doing so, and are everybody as priviledged as eachother when it comes to making a difference?

That’s pretty much what this blog is going to be about. Throughout 2012, I will try to figure out if every person on Earth has a hidden entrepreneur inside of him/her. I’m also going to take a look at how we can motivate these people to think out of the box, and generate value for themselves and others around them.


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts to get the engine going

  1. Martin Tandrup says:

    wow, this is EXACTLY what i’m looking for, i believe i have the skills to do something awesome, i just need to pick something and some sort of motivation.
    if you have some good self-motivation tricks i would love to hear from you, or maybe read it here?
    anyways, nice first post!

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