About me

“Young” is a subjective term. The definition of being young differs from person to person. In my opinion, you’re young when you’ve had a busy but exciting life – when you’ve had good times and bad times, and when you feel that you (despite all failures) have achieved (or is on the way to achieving) something great. You don’t judge a book by its cover, nor its length. You judge it by the content.

That being said though, I was born the 21st of May 1991 in a small town called Ryomgård, in Denmark. I was raised by my pretty average parents in a pretty average house, so it’s not like I was born with a kickstart of any kind. I started out with nothing.

When I joined school, I often missed my homework because there were so many things I’d much rather do. I loved playing drums and sitting in front of the computer, while my homework was less attractive, so to speak. I’ve always been motivated by things I liked – but aren’t we all motivated by things we like?

I never felt like I was wasting time with my life. I had fun. What I consider now to be a waste of time, was definitely not a waste of time back then. I did a lot of gaming on the computer, and spent several hours a day on entertainment in general. It was basically what I liked – hence the motivation for doing it.

Now, the big change occured when games became boring and there was nothing left to do on the computer. My computer was an average PC that couldn’t run most newer games, so I had to figure out what else to do. That’s when I ended up doing programming in order to improve my gaming experience. Programs to synchronize saved games between computers, programs to quickly launch my games, chatbots for different multiplayer games and so forth.

As time passed, and more time was spent on programming versus gaming, programming slowly became more interesting. As my skill increased, so did my will to explore. I quickly picked up webprogramming, and formed a team of friends I had found through gaming. These friends thought the idea of making applications was cool, and joined the whole programming thing.

Now, I am still with some of these friends. We have formed a company that makes video games and general software for the public, and customized software solutions and hosting for businesses.


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